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Explore diverse experiences of people during the Holocaust

Read a last letter thrown from a deportation train. Page through a handwritten diary. View photos and films of families living under Nazism. Hear the testimony of an American liberator. Discover the richness of first person accounts by:

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DPs at Camp Grohn

World War II Spurred an Unprecedented Refugee Crisis

How Did Americans Respond?

In 1945, many Americans remained skeptical of granting asylum to millions of Europeans uprooted by war and genocide. Visual media, including films like this one, played an important role in building support for admitting Displaced Persons (DPs) from war-torn Europe.


More Sources on Displaced Persons in Postwar America

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Jewish Perspectives on the Holocaust

View sources that highlight Jewish responses to persecution and genocide under Nazism.

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Americans and the Holocaust

Explore sources that reveal how Americans understood and responded to Nazism, World War II, and the Holocaust.

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Everyday Life: Roles, Motives, and Choices During the Holocaust

Find sources exploring the difficult choices and pressures that confronted people during the Holocaust.

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Belonging and Exclusion: Reshaping Society under Nazi Rule

Examine sources that show how the Nazis and their supporters transformed Germany to align with theories about race and national unity.

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