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Wartime Correspondence

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Anonymous Letter Thrown from a Deportation Train

Anonymous letter 1942
Courtesy of the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw

Another letter thrown from a deportation train reinforces the possible scenario gleaned from Gitla's letter. It had been written a day earlier, on December 16, 1942, and it refers to Płońsk explicitly. The Bamóws—the intended addresses of the anonymous author—lived on 6 Niska Street, one of the prominent streets in the Warsaw ghetto. The note was thus probably thrown off the train in Warsaw, the day before Gitla wrote hers in Częstochowa.

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Address of Receiver [blank]

Address [blank]

Please put this card 

into the nearest mailbox 


Płońsk 16.XII.42

It is morning. We are inside a railcar with the whole family. We left with the last departure. Płońsk has been cleared.

Please go to the [home] of the Bamóws on 6 Niska Street and give them our regards 

[illegible signature]

Archival Information for This Item

Source (Credit)
Courtesy of the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
RG Number 15.079M
Date Created
December 16, 1942
Author / Creator
Plonsk, Poland
Płońsk, Poland
Document Type Letter
Description Letter written on December 16, 1942 by an unknown sender from the train station of Płońsk to an unknown recipient in the Warsaw ghetto.
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